399 Modern Hindu Goddess beautiful baby girl names

Hindus like to give goddess names to their baby. Because they believe that their daughters will get more respect in society for this name later. Not only that, Hindus want to get the blessings of the gods through it. If you are here to find beautiful Hindu Goddess Names For Baby Girls or daughters then you are welcome hope you find your favorite name for sure.

So I am really excited to explore this topic. and lots of names flowing into my mind. so let’s jump to the list of those baby girl names that mean goddess.

Hindu Goddess Girl Names

We will look at the names of some important goddesses but then we will go deeper and look at the names of different goddesses separately. Which will help us to choose the best Hindu goddess girl names.

Name Name in HindiGoddess names meaningGoddess / Devi
KritiकृतिCreation, Goddess LakshmiLaxmi
Anvitaअन्विताGoddess Durga, a Famous Hindu goddess Durga
Niteekshaनितीक्षाName of goddess LaxmiLakshmi
Bhavitaभावीता Goddess Durga Durga
BhairviभैरवीClassic music melody, Famous goddess Durga namesDurga
AadijaअदीजाNames of goddess ParvatiParvati
Aaryaआर्याIndian goddess Parvati name, Honoured, NobleParvati
VishaleeniविशालीनीGod Murugan, Goddess SaraswatiSarswati
Aaditriअदित्रीHonour, Indian popular name for Goddess LakshmiAanushri
Dhanwiधन्वीGoddess Laxmi, Other names of goddess LaxmiLakshmi
SagrikaसागरिकाBorn in Sea, Goddess DurgaDurga
Kamaksiकामाक्षीDurga, Having beautiful EyesDurga
BhawiniभाविनीSentimental, Emotional, Beautiful, Goddess ParvatiParvati
VidooshiविदुषीLearned, Other names of the goddess SaraswatiSarswati
Aanushriअनुश्रीBeautiful, Names for the girl from a Goddess LakshmiLakshmi
Samayuktaसंयुक्ताUnited, Goddess DurgaDurga
ManaviमानवीHumanly, Kind, Goddess SaraswatiSarswati
Nittyaनित्याGoddess Parvati, ContinuouslyParvati
HansoojaहंसुजाAnother goddess Lakshmi namesLakshmi
Manasviniमनस्वीनीWise, Goddess DurgaDurga
NavameeनवमीNew, Ninth, Goddess DurgaDurga
ChalamaaचलमाGoddess ParvatiParvati
Aaksharaअक्षराAlphabets, Words, Script,Sarswati
Kaarunyaकारुण्याGoddess Lakshmi, MercifulLakshmi
Trinayniत्रिनयणीGoddess DurgaDurga
Kaavyaकाव्याLines in poetry, Poem, Goddess SaraswatiSarswati
Haripriyaहरिप्रियाGoddess Laxmi, Wife of god Vishnu Lakshmi
HemaneekaहेमानीकाNames of goddess ParvatiParvati
AayanaअयानाBlooming, Saraswati names, BlamelessSarswati
Satavikiसात्वीकीOne of the names of maa DurgaDurga

Devi Names for Baby Girl

So, now we are helping you to choose the right Hindu goddess girl names very easily. Because we are divided and cover all goddesses or devi’s names individually. That’s why you can explore specific any goddess names for baby girls.

50 Hindu Goddess Lakshmi Names for Baby Girl

The goddess Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. She is the wife of the god Vishnu.

baby girl names hindu goddess lakshmi
baby girl names hindu goddess lakshmi

Lakshmi is also known as Shri, meaning “wealth” or “prosperity”. She is often depicted as a woman with four arms carrying a lotus in one hand, a mala (rosary) in another hand, and other symbols of wealth in her other two hands.

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NameName in HindiName’s Meaning
AarnaआरनाIt means wave or ocean as Goddess Lakshmi was the daughter of the mighty king of the milky Ocean.
Adi Lakshmiआदि लक्ष्मीThe avatar in which Goddess Lakshmi is seen serving the lotus feet,
AditiअदितिSanskrit origins mean ‘boundless’.
AlameluअलामेलुIt is a very popular name in the southern part of India
AmbujaअंबुजाBorn of a lotus.
Ananyaअनन्याAnanya is a beautiful baby name that means unique.
AnishaअनीषाLight or brightness.
Bhagyashriभाग्यश्रीGoddess Lakshmi, lucky, fortunate.
Bhavaniभवानी the power of nature or the source of creative energy.
ChandaचंदाThe moon.
DeepaदीपाA lamp which blazes.
Deetyaदीत्यThe answer of prayers, Another name for Lakshmi.
DevikaदेविकाLittle goddess.
DhritiधृतिMorale, courage, steadiness.
DutiदुतीIdea, goddess Lakshmi.
GauriगौरीA fair woman, Goddess Parvati.
HariPriyaहरिप्रियाBeloved of Hari.
Harivallabhiहरिवल्लभीConsort of Lord Hari.
IshaaniईशानीFeminine form of Ishan and of Indian origin, meaning ‘desire’.
JayaजयाGoddess Durga, victory, conquest,
Kamakshiकामाक्षीthe One with Loving Eyes.
Dark, Fog, Flawed gold, Perfumed
Kamalaकमलाthe feminine form of Kamal, which means ‘lotus’
Kantiकांटीthat spells ‘beauty and grace’.
KarunaकरुणाCompassion and love.
Kshirsaक्षीरसाGoddess Lakshmi.
KuhooकुहूGoddess of a new moon day, the sweet note of the bird.
LakhiलखीGoddess Lakshmi.
LohithaलोहिताGoddess Lakshmi In The Form Of Iron.
Loukyaलौक्यWorldly wise.
Manjushreeमंजूश्रीDivine beauty.
NandikaनंदिकाA happy woman.
Padmajaपद्मजाBorn from lotus.
Padmakshiपद्माक्षीOne with lotus-like eyes.

50 Hindu Goddess Parvati Names for Baby Girl

Parvati is the Hindu goddess of love, fertility, and devotion. She is the daughter of mountain king Himavan and his wife Mena. Parvati is also known as Gauri, which means “the fair one”.

Parvati has many different forms including Durga (the warrior goddess), Kali (the goddess of time), and Haimavati (a form of Shiva’s consort). Not enough modern Parvati Hindu goddess names for baby girl.

NameName in HindiName’s Meaning
Aaryaआर्यthe other name of Goddess Parvati
Abhiramiआद्रिजाHindu Goddes Parvathy
Adrijaआद्रिजा goddess Parvathi
Adrinandiniअद्रितनयाThe daughter of mountain
Adritanayaअक्षयनीGoddess Parvati
Akshainieअक्षनीthe running water which is free and creative
AmbhasaअंभासाGoddess Name; Mother;
Ambiअम्बीA good women, Goddess Parvati
AmbikaअंबिकाSinless, Hindu Goddess Parvati
SarvaniसरवानीA name for Goddess Parvati or Durga
ShailasaशैलासाFrom the mountains and rocky cliffs
ShandaliशांडलीA name for Goddess Parvati
ShivaniशिवानीThe wife of Lord Shiva
UmaउमाSplendour and light
GauraगौरPure, clean, beautiful
GirijaगिरिजाProceeding from the mountains
Giripriyaगिरिप्रियाBeloved of the mountains
Himadrijaहिमाद्रिजाDaughter of the snowy mountains.
HimaniहिमानीIce, snow or frost
Lasyaलास्यA delicate dance form performed by Goddess Parvati
MaheshaniमहेशानीThe supreme lady
MangalaमंगलाAuspicious and successful
MenajaमेनाजाA name for Goddess Parvati
NilalohitaनीललोहिताA name for Lord Shiva’s wife

50 Hindu Goddess Durga Names for Baby Girl

baby girl names hindu goddess durga

Devi Durga is the Hindu goddess of power and victory. She is the most popular goddess in India, and she is worshipped by Hindus all over the world.

She is a form of Shakti, or female energy, and she has ten different forms that represent different aspects of her personality.

NameName in HindiName Meaning
BhairaviभैरवीA Melody In Classical Music
BhavaniभवानीConsort of Bhava
Braahmiब्राह्मीfemale energy of Bramha
ChamundiचामुंडीGoddess Durga
Citrarathiचित्ररथीDiminutive Of Chandana
IshiयिशीGoddess Durga
Jaidurgaजयदुर्गाDurga the victorious, A form of durga
JayalalitaजयललिताAs beautiful as victory; The goddess of victory
JayantiजयंतीVictorious in the end, A flag
Kamaksiकामाक्षीA tantric goddess another name for durga
Maheshwariमाहेश्वरीName of Goddess Durga
Samyuktaसंयुक्तGoddess Durga
Satvikiसंयुक्तGoddess Durga
TanishiतनिषीName of Goddess Durga
WamikaवामिकाGoddess Durga
MaheyaमहेयाGoddess Durga
Marudhvathi मरुधवतीAadi Shakthi
Niranjana निरंजनाNight of the Full Moon
PuralaपुरालाGuardian of Fortresses
ReethरीथWhite Antelope
Sadhikaसाधिका Achiever
Shivapriyaशिवप्रियाLiked By Shiva Goddess Durga
VaruniवारुणीWife of the Lord of Sea
YathiयतिDevoted; Ascetic

50 Hindu Goddess Saraswati Names for Baby Girl

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, and arts. She is the consort of Brahma and a part of the trinity (Trimurti) along with Vishnu and Shiva.

Saraswati is often depicted as a beautiful woman dressed in white clothes. She holds a Veena (a string instrument) in her left hand and a book in her right hand.

NameName in HindiName Meaning
AaishvyऐशOne who is blessed and victorious
Anishaअनीषाone who brings hope
BaniबानीVoice or speech and refers to Goddess Saraswati
Brahmaniब्राह्मणीThe power of Lord Brahma
Chandrikaचंद्रिकाMoonlight, feminine and celestial
HansiniहंसिनीGoddess Saraswati, and means swan
HumsihaहमसिहाRegal name that means most fortunate girl
IraईराCrystal clear water, earth
IrshitaइशिताDepicts the Goddess Saraswati 
JanvikaजनविकाDepicts great river Ganga
KantaकांताThe resplendent one
Kavyaकाव्याPoem or poetry in motion
MahamayaमहामायाThe Goddess Who has Great Illusion
MaliniमलिनाMeaning fragrant
MedhaमेधाIntelligence and wisdom
NiharikaनिहारिकाMist’, ‘dew drop’, and ‘first raindrop
Nyraन्याराIt also means the everlasting beauty of Goddess Saraswati
PavakiपावकीIt is a synonym for the Goddess of learning
RichaऋचाThis name is unique as it depicts the writing, hymn
Saumyaसौम्याThe basic meaning of this name is ‘soft-natured’
SuvasiसुवासीIt means Goddess Saraswati
Vachiवाचीthis sweet name means ‘mellifluous’
Vagdeviवाग्देवीGoddess of learning
VaniवाणीMeans ‘speech’ or ‘muse’
Vanisriवनिस्रीThis particular name is a reference to ‘intelligence’

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