Unique Boy Names that start with M with meaning

What are you looking for? Unique Boy names that start with M then you land the right place to know around 500+ names. Hope our M names lists help you to get some suitable names for your boy.

We’ve divided a list of names as origins that will help you understand the origins of names and the countries in which they are most popular. So let’s start our Boy names that start with M with meaning.

Boy Names that start with M

MohidArabicMalicious water, harsh and cruel sea or ocean
MervinEnglishThe person who is much fond of the sea
MacardleScottishSon of great courage
MulidIndianHoney bee
Montie English A hill or a hilly area
MalkiHebrewMy king
ManvilleFrenchGreat town
Miracle Latin An act to amaze or help others
MovsesArmeniansaved from the water
Morison English A dark-skinned person, one who works in open lands
MaceyFrenchHeavy staff or club; weapon
MorisGreekDark Skinned
Morie Latin A variant of the name Morris
Morrie English Land of un-cultivated soil
MaraalArmenianArmenian – Deer
Modak Indian Pleasing
MarvinWelshSea friend
Moriz Latin Dark Skinned
Mouric English A tanned person, dark complexion
Mahir Indian Expert, Brave
MeinoGermanBrave or hard strength
MillerEnglishOne who grinds grain
MindwellLatinA person with a calm and peaceful mind
MironGreekMyrrh, fragrant oil
MontaroMontaroBig boy
Minal Indian A precious stone
Mayur Indian Peacock

German Boy Names that start with M

Let’s talk about German Boy names that start with M alone with meaning. Germany names is always populer in the Wrold. So we think you appriciate our this list specially. 10 tips for new born baby.

MaitiGermanA variant of Matilda
MallorieGermanOld French – Unhappy
MaloryGermanIt is a spelling variant of Mallory
ManneGermanPerson; Fierce or Strong Man
MargitGermanGerman Boy name meaning pearl
MarkusGermanOne who is manly and virile
MarlenGermanMan from Magdala
MarlyGermanA variant of Marley
MartellGermanA warrior of the God of War
MarxGermanA German name for Mars
MatheGermanGift of Yahweh; Gift of God
MatthausGermanGift of the Lord
MaynardGermanOne who is powerful and strong
MeierGermanGermanic – Farmer; Overseer
MeinkeGermanOne who stands Firm
MemoGermanDetermination, aspiration
MenardGermanGermanic – Hardy Strength
MilouGermanA famed warrior
MorgenGermanOne who circles around the sea to defends it
MoritzGermanA person with a dark complexion

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Latin Boy Names that start with M

Latin boy names that start with m
Latin boy names that start with m
MartinLatinA warlike, hostile individual
Magnum Latin Something big
Maksim Latin A man who is greater than others
Mancio Latin A soothsayer or one who foretells the future.
Manvel Latin One who is from a great estate
Marce Latin A war-like, gleaming person
Marcel Latin A person who is strong as a hammer
Marchel Latin A woman who has the strength of the hammer
Margh Latin Margh is Cornish form of Mark
Marios Latin A person full of bitterness and misery
Marke Latin A gleaming one
Markian Latin One who has big eyes
Marko Latin One who is many but tender
Marquese Latin A man who is like Mars the God of War
Martan Latin A person dedicated to being warlike
Martyn Latin A warrior, a soldier of God Mars
Mavriki Latin A swarthy or dark people
Maxime Latin One who is the greatest
Maximo Latin The greatest of men
Maxon Latin He who is the best of them all
Mercer Latin The business person engaged in retail trade. Dealer
Mercutio Latin The person who is engaged in the trade business.
Merit Latin The quality that renders something desirable
Miksa Latin A form of Maximillian, meaning greatest
Miles Latin One who is proud of being a soldier

Cristian Boy Names that start with M

If you are looking for Cristian Boy names that start with M then It’s a perfect list for you. Don’t skip it, recommended to read till the end.

MacerioCristianA blessed soul
MahoyuCristianA man who is strong and tough
MaslenCristianLittle twin
MassenCristianCornish form of Maximus, meaning greatest.
MatekCristianA form of Matthew, meaning gift
MatousCristianGift of God
MauganCristianA well-born boy
MeikoCristianStrength, power, courage
MenelaosCristianWithstanding the people 
MihailsCristianA form of Michael, meaning who is like God
MihasCristianMihas is a form of Michael and means who is like God
MihoCristianCroatian form of Michael, meaning who is like God
MiksaCristianA form of Maximillian, meaning greatest
MilivojCristianGracious soldier
MillarCristianA variant form of Miller
MilogostCristianGracious and dear guest
MircoCristianPeace, one with a peaceful disposition
MislavCristianThe thought of glory.
MiticaCristianNickname of Dumitru

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Indian Boy Names that start with M

Huge number of names

Indian boy names that start with m
Indian boy names that start with m
Madur Indian A bird
Manth Indian Thought
Manvik Indian Intelligence
Maan Indian Lecturer, respect
Maahir Indian Expert, brave
Mitansh Indian Male friend
Meer Indian Worthy of admiration
Mudit Indian Happy satisfied
Mahish Indian The mighty
Madin Indian Delightful
Mehan Indian Suddh, pure
Moiz Indian Respectful, one who gives protection
Mrigesh Indian Lion
Mahin Indian The earth
Madin Indian Delightful
Makur Indian Mirror
Maneet Indian One who Wins Heart, Soul
Maher Indian Skilled
Mandin Indian Delighting
Mahant Indian Great
Mansukh Indian One with peace of mind; Happy one
Manas Indian Wise
Mukt Indian Freedom, Emancipated
Magh Indian Name of a Hindu Month
Mahit Indian Son of Earth, Honoured
Meghan Indian Cloud
Maderu Indian Worthy of praise
Mikul Indian Comrade
Modak Indian Pleasing
Magesh Indian God name
Mahin Indian Earth
Mardav Indian Softness
Mahir Indian Expert, Brave
Mehul Indian Cloud
Madan Indian God of love
Madhuk Indian a honeybee
Magan Indian Engrossed
Mahant Indian Great
Mahasvin Indian Glorious
Mahaveer Indian most powerful
Mahin Indian The earth
Mahipati Indian King
Maitreya Indian Friendly
Malak Indian Angel
Manaal Indian Attainment

Greek Boy Names that start with M

MaeretGreekA form of Margaret; Pearl; Little Famous One
Magdalena Greek A woman from Magdala a village on the Sea of Galilee
Mago Greek An admirable, great person
Makari Greek Derived from the element ‘makers’ with the meaning blessed
Makis Greek A person who is considered to be a gift of God
Marlas Greek Combination of Maria and Magdalene
Mateo Greek He was the gift of God
Mattathias Greek A gift of the Lord
Matthias Greek One who is a gift from the Lord
Maximus Greek One who is the greatest of all men
Melanion Greek Black Color
Menelaos Greek Withstanding the people.
Menelaus Greek A variant of the name Menelaos
Miles Greek One who is proud of being a soldier
Minos Greek A variant form is Minos
Mitron Greek The man who loves his mother.
Moisis Greek The noble Lord who is having or showing a kindly or tender nature
Monick Greek Advisor; Counsellor; Wise
Moris Greek  A variant of the name Morris
Mykola Greek Victory of people

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Arabic Boy Names that start with M

Arabic boy names that start with m
Arabic boy names that start with m
MalikArabicHe who is king
Muhammad Arabic Praiseworthy
Maamar Arabic The one who prospers
Maarij Arabic A strong fiery blaze
Muzakir Arabic One who reminds people of Allah
Musa Arabic Saved from the water
Muhib Arabic One who is noble and lovable
Mufid Arabic Useful
Mourib Arabic One who is fluent and eloquent.
Maazin Arabic A refuge, shelter
Mahib Arabic One who is as brave as a lion
Mahrus Arabic One who is a safe harbor to others
Maimon Arabic One who is dependable and full of faith
Makhid Arabic One who conforts and bring pease to people
Makram Arabic One whose character is generous and noble
Manaar Arabic Guiding Light; Bright Light
Manzar Arabic A sight or a view
Maula Arabic Arabic name for a master or a lord
Matin Arabic A powerful person
Massi Arabic A man who is opportune and fortunate
Mazzin Arabic Rainy coluds
Meer Arabic A man of great authority
Mehk Arabic A sweet smell, fragance
Mehmud Arabic A man worthy of praise
Mobeen Arabic A beautiful or a pretty lady
Moulali Arabic One who is creative and has a certain mindset
Mouid Arabic The servant of the Almighty
Mosa Arabic derived from the water
Moonis Arabic The one who console others, a companion
Mohamet Arabic The one who is chosen upon
Mohid Arabic Malicious water, harsh and cruel sea or ocean

English Boy Names that start with M

MabreyEnglishOne who brings joy and happiness
Maccus English A variant of the name Magnus
Mace English Gift of God; a medieval weapon
Macon English Maker, one who makes things
Macoy English One from the linden tree hill
Mador English Name from Arthurian Legend, the accuser of Guinevere
Maegla English One who is warlike, warring
Maeret English A form of Margaret; Pearl
Maersa English One who is a gentle and calm person
Maglocvni English An English name originates from a Welsh Mont
Maiti English A variant of Matilda
Malan English A little warrior
Malece English A variant of the name Melissa which means Bee
Mallorie English It is a spelling variant of Mallory
Malory English It is a spelling variant of Mallory
Malvinn English English – Council-friend; Sword Friend
Malyn English A warrior who is petite or young
Manten English From Man’s Town; Hero’s Town
Marc English A war-like person
Mariot English A place name of an old Normandian town Mariott
Marlea English From the Meadow Near the Lake
Marlin English One who is from a famous land
Marrill English He has the light of the sea
Marshall English A person who is a horse caretaker or a steward
Mattie English Gift of Yahweh; Gift of God
Maurica English A dark-skinned one
Mavrick English An independent man who avoids conformity
Maylin English A beautiful waterfall
Medwine English A friend who is strong and powerful
Melborn English One who belongs to the stream mill
Melden English English – Hill with a cross
Meldrik English Sturdy and durable grinding factory
Meraugis English A spontaneous and happy go, lucky person
Merchion English One who has sensitive yet practical nature
Merik English A person who has a dark skin tone

500 Boy Names that start with M

  1. Maarten
  2. Maayan
  3. Mac
  4. Mac
  5. Macallister
  6. Macario
  7. Macarius
  8. Macarthur
  9. Macaulay
  10. Macdonald
  11. Mace
  12. Maceo
  13. Macgregor
  14. Machi
  15. Mack
  16. Mackenzie
  17. Macklin
  18. Macklin
  19. Mackson
  20. Maclean
  21. Macon
  22. Macsen
  23. Madden
  24. Maddox
  25. Maddox
  26. Madigan
  27. Madison
  28. Madoc
  29. Mads
  30. Madsen
  31. Mael
  32. Maes
  33. Magastomo
  34. Magee
  35. Maggio
  36. Magic
  37. Magne
  38. Magni
  39. Magnus
  40. Maguire
  41. Mahershala
  42. Mahlon
  43. Mahmoud
  44. Mahomet
  45. Maiken
  46. Mailer
  47. Maillol
  48. Maine
  49. Maison
  50. Maize
  51. Majesty
  52. Majid
  53. Major
  54. Majora
  55. Makai
  56. Makari
  57. Makeo
  58. Makepeace
  59. Makhi
  60. Makhi
  61. Mako
  62. Makoto
  63. Malachi
  64. Malachi
  65. Malachite
  66. Malachy
  67. Malak
  68. Malakai
  69. Malakhi
  70. Malaki
  71. Malaki
  72. Malcolm
  73. Malik
  74. Málik
  75. Malin
  76. Maliq
  77. Malloy
  78. Malo
  79. Malone
  80. Maloney
  81. Malthe
  82. Malus
  83. Malvolio
  84. Mandela
  85. Mandla
  86. Mando
  87. Mandy
  88. Manfred
  89. Manju
  90. Manley
  91. Manne
  92. Manning
  93. Mannix
  94. Manny
  95. Mano
  96. Manolo
  97. Mansur
  98. Manthos
  99. Manu
  100. Manuel
  101. Manuka
  102. Manus
  103. Manzie
  104. Manzo
  105. Manzu
  106. Maoz
  107. Marc
  108. Marceau
  109. Marcel
  110. Marcello
  111. Marcello
  112. Marcellus
  113. Marcelo
  114. March
  115. Marco
  116. Marcos
  117. Marcus
  118. Marcus
  119. Maria
  120. Marian
  121. Mariano
  122. Marie
  123. Marinell
  124. Marino
  125. Mario
  126. Marion
  127. Marius
  128. Mark
  129. Mark
  130. Markus
  131. Marley
  132. Marlon
  133. Marlow
  134. Marlowe
  135. Marmaduke
  136. Maro
  137. Marquez
  138. Marquis
  139. Marquis
  140. Marquise
  141. Mars
  142. Marsden
  143. Marsh
  144. Marshall
  145. Marston
  146. Martez
  147. Martia
  148. Martin
  149. Marty
  150. Marvin
  151. Marx
  152. Maso
  153. Mason
  154. Mason
  155. Massai
  156. Massey
  157. Massimo
  158. Mat
  159. Mateo
  160. Mateo
  161. Matheo
  162. Mathew
  163. Mathias
  164. Mathis
  165. Mathurin
  166. Matias
  167. Matias
  168. Matisse
  169. Matt
  170. Mattan
  171. Matteo
  172. Matteo
  173. Matthew
  174. Matthew
  175. Matthias
  176. Mattias
  177. Mattie
  178. Maui
  179. Maurice
  180. Mauricio
  181. Mauro
  182. Maury
  183. Maverick
  184. Maverick
  185. Max
  186. Max
  187. Maxen
  188. Maxence
  189. Maxfield
  190. Maxim
  191. Maxime
  192. Maximilian
  193. Maximiliano
  194. Maximillian
  195. Maximo
  196. Maximus
  197. Maximus
  198. Maxon
  199. Maxton
  200. Maxwell
  201. Maxwell
  202. Mayer
  203. Maynard
  204. Mayo
  205. Mayson
  206. Mayur
  207. Mcarthur
  208. Mccabe
  209. Mccanna
  210. Mccoy
  211. Mccoy
  212. Mccue
  213. Mcdermott
  214. Mcenroe
  215. Mcewan
  216. Mckinley
  217. Mclaurin
  218. Mead
  219. Meadowlark
  220. Mees
  221. Mehdi
  222. Meir
  223. Meir
  224. Mekhi
  225. Mel
  226. Melchior
  227. Melker
  228. Melky
  229. Melor
  230. Melville
  231. Melvin
  232. Memphis
  233. Menachem
  234. Menachem
  235. Menashe
  236. Mendel
  237. Menzies
  238. Merari
  239. Merc
  240. Merce
  241. Mercer
  242. Mercury
  243. Mercutio
  244. Meredith
  245. Meriadeg
  246. Meriadoc
  247. Meriasek
  248. Meridian
  249. Merijn
  250. Meriweather
  251. Meriwether
  252. Merkaba
  253. Merle
  254. Merlin
  255. Merrick
  256. Merritt
  257. Merriweather
  258. Merriwether
  259. Merton
  260. Mervin
  261. Mervyn
  262. Meryk
  263. Meshach
  264. Messiah
  265. Messiah
  266. Meteor
  267. Meyer
  268. Mica
  269. Micah
  270. Micah
  271. Micaiah
  272. Micajah
  273. Micha
  274. Michael
  275. Michael
  276. Michaiah
  277. Michal
  278. Micheal
  279. Micheal
  280. Micheál
  281. Michel
  282. Michelangelo
  283. Michele
  284. Michiel
  285. Mick
  286. Mickey
  287. Midian
  288. Midnight
  289. Mies
  290. Miguel
  291. Miguel
  292. Mika
  293. Mikael
  294. Mikael
  295. Mike
  296. Mike
  297. Mikel
  298. Mikel
  299. Mikhail
  300. Mikkel
  301. Mikko
  302. Miklos
  303. Miklós
  304. Milan
  305. Milano
  306. Milas
  307. Miles
  308. Miles
  309. Milian
  310. Miliano
  311. Millard
  312. Miller
  313. Mills
  314. Milo
  315. Milo
  316. Milos
  317. Milton
  318. Milton
  319. Ming
  320. Mingo
  321. Mingus
  322. Minik
  323. Minos
  324. Miran
  325. Mirando
  326. Mircea
  327. Mirin
  328. Mirko
  329. Miro
  330. Miró
  331. Miroslav
  332. Mirren
  333. Mirri
  334. Misael
  335. Mischa
  336. Misha
  337. Mitchell
  338. Mitt
  339. Mobley
  340. Moby
  341. Moe
  342. Mohamed
  343. Mohammad
  344. Mohammed
  345. Moises
  346. Moisés
  347. Moishe
  348. Mojave
  349. Molloy
  350. Monaco
  351. Mongo
  352. Monico
  353. Monroe
  354. Mont
  355. Montague
  356. Montana
  357. Montano
  358. Monte
  359. Montego
  360. Montel
  361. Montez
  362. Montgomery
  363. Montgomery
  364. Monty
  365. Moody
  366. Moore
  367. Mor
  368. Morad
  369. Morandi
  370. Mordax
  371. Mordecai
  372. Mordehai
  373. Morgan
  374. Mori
  375. Moritz
  376. Morley
  377. Moroccan
  378. Morocco
  379. Morpheus
  380. Morrie
  381. Morris
  382. Morrisey
  383. Morrison
  384. Morrissey
  385. Mortimer
  386. Morton
  387. Moses
  388. Moshe
  389. Moss
  390. Mountain
  391. Mowgli
  392. Mozart
  393. Mufasa
  394. Muhammad
  395. Muir
  396. Mulberry
  397. Mulligan
  398. Mungo
  399. Munro
  400. Murad
  401. Murdo
  402. Murdoch
  403. Murdock
  404. Murphy
  405. Murphy
  406. Murray
  407. Musa
  408. Mustafa
  409. Mykelti
  410. Myles
  411. Myles
  412. Mylo
  413. Mylo
  414. Myrkjartan
  415. Myron


So we strongly believe, now you have huge choices to get a Boy Names that start with M. Because in this article we are showing almost 600 M boy names with meaning. If you have any names in your mind then please comment below.

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