Unique Boy Names that Start with N with meaning

Are you think finding boy names that start with n is difficult? Never Because we are listed most unique names which have good meaning. A ensure you in this article you definitely get some you test name.

These are not random names, after hard research, we got some unique, short, boy names that start with n and those are here.

Boy Names that Start with N

Our first list is most important Hopefully here you get boy names starting with n also known meaning. Specially I want to request you read till the end to explore differently Origin n names boys.

NaamanHebrewBe pleasant
Nripesh Indian king of kings
Narcis Greek Sleep; Numbness
Nefen German Son of the siblings.
NienVietnamese year
NixonIrish son of Nicolas
NivenFrenchnew village
Nivedh Indian offering to God
NaizPersian gift
NaiserAfricanfounder of clans
Nisse German Victory of the people.
Neon Greek Strong; New; One who is Strong
Nitin Indian master of the right path
Nuris Arabic Light
Nathan German Protector, Master, Lord, Chief
NorrisEnglishfrom the north
NielsDanishthe victory of people
Nusaib Arabic Warner
Neel German minute as per time, split second
Nimish Indian minute as per time, split second
Nuwair Arabic Little Flower
NikhilGreekWhole, Complete, Entire
Nuzair Arabic Cautioner
NicolayGermanVictor of the People
Nusran Arabic Northern town

Arabic Boy Names that Start with N

Here you see some Arabic boy names that start with n and these are the most popular names.

NaahilArabicEldest Son of Azria
Naaman Arabic Pleasant; Delightful
Naasi Arabic Obvious; Evident
Naasir Arabic Protector
Nadeem Arabic Companion, Friend
Naem Arabic God Gift
Nafil Arabic Generous
Nahash Arabic Snake; Serpent
Nahwan Arabic Wise; Intelligent
Najim Arabic Star
Najmal Arabic Star; Moon
Nakier Arabic Refuse
Namvar Arabic Famous
Nanjee Arabic Safe
Naquan Arabic Caring; Loving
Narin Arabic Superior
Nasarulla Arabic Victory of Allah
Naseer Arabic One who helps
Nassir Arabic protector
Naufal Arabic Generous Leader
Nayab Arabic Unique; Rare; Precious
Nayil Arabic Winner; Gainer
Neihan Arabic Bright; Joy
Nevan Arabic protector
Nuraj Arabic Treasure of Noor

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German Boy Names that Start with N

Germany is a good country, So now the time to know what kind of names they are using. When should a baby start potty training?

german boy names that start with n
german boy names that start with n

NaborGermanThe Prophet’s Light
Nadir German Beloved, Uncommon, Pinnacle
Nagib German Excellent, Noble, Intelligent
Naiser German Rose; Founder of Clans
Namik German Famous
Narin German Superior
Natan German God has Given, Prophet
Naum German Comforter; Penitent
Nazir German Observer, Supervisor, Little
Nefen German Nephew
Nelson German Son of a Champion
Nick German Victory
Nicolay German Victor of the People
Nazir German Observer, Supervisor, Little
Nefen German Nephew
Nigel German Dark Cloud, Champion, Dark Night
Niklos German Victorious
Norbert German Brilliant Hero
Norvin German A friend from the North
 Nurhan German Brilliant Rose

Indian Boy Names that Start with N

Nabendu Indian new moon
Nachik Indian A short form of Nachiketa
Nadish Indian Ocean
Nagesh Indian God of serpents
Naimish Indian insider, momentary
Nalesh Indian King of flowers
Narendra Indian Lord of men
Natesh Indian king
Naval Indian wonder
Navaj Indian newly born
Naveen Indian new
Navrang Indian beautiful
Neelesh Indian moon
Nehal Indian rainy; handsome
Nikhil Indian complete, entire, last one
Nilesh Indian blue god
Nimit Indian Destiny
Nipun  Indian expert
Nirav Indian Quiet, silent
Nirbhik Indian Fearless
Nirish Indian free, without any owner
Nirvan  Indian liberated
Nishan Indian Target, Signature, Third Eye
Nishat Indian A tree
Nissim Indian unbounded

Cristian Boy Names that Start with N

Cristian boy names that start with N with meaning, I personally like this list, if you want to know then you have to check out, just see the list. Hey, Diapering Your Baby at Night – Keep These Things in Mind.

Cristian Boy Names that Start with N
Cristian Boy Names that Start with N
Nuhro Cristian Holy light
Norice Cristian A term used for caretaker
Nisse Cristian The victory of the people
Nikoli Cristian Nikoli is the Estonian form of Nicholas
Nikanor Cristian Victory
Nigul Cristian Estonian form of Nicholas
Nicolau Cristian Brazilian variant of Nicholas
Nev Cristian New village
Nety Cristian Variation of Antonia which means Priceless one
Neno Cristian Chamorro term of endearment for boys.
Nelu Cristian Romanian pet form of Ion
Neculai Cristian Romanian form of Nikolaos
Natori Cristian Bird
Natanail Cristian Bulgarian form of Nathanael
Narfi Cristian His wave
Nandru Cristian Romanian form of Frithnanth
Namacuix Cristian King
Nagodeallah Cristian I thank God.
Nacek Cristian Variation of Ignatius which means Fiery
Naade Cristian A boy who is born in royalty
Nash Cristian Romanian form of Frithnanth
Neill Cristian Champion; Form of Neil
Nickolas Cristian The victory of the People
Nimrod Cristian Rebellion; Bowman
Norton Cristian From the Northern Town

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Latin Boy Names that Start with N

I think Latin girl names little more good than boy names, but it does not mean Latin boy names that start with n are bad. You have to see the list.

Nardo Latin Strong, Hardy
Narius Latin Cheerful
Natale Latin Christmas, Birthday
Natalio Latin Born at Christmas, Birthday
Naval Latin Wonder
Nemorio Latin Strong, Hardy
Niels Latin People’s Triumph
Nunzio Latin Messenger
Novah Latin New
Nostriano Latin Is from Our Homeland
Norris Latin Northerner, Nurse, Caretaker
Nono Latin Ninth-born Child
Nonnie Latin Ninth
Nonie Latin The Ninth-born Child
Nona Latin Ninth
Nollie Latin Olive Tree
Noll Latin Ninth-born Child
Nohle Latin Noble
Noelle Latin Form of Noel – Christmas

Austrailian Boy Names that Start with N

Nahele Australian Forest
Nantai Australian Chief
Nasi Australian Obvious, Evident
Nathen Australian God has Given, Gift of God
Neil Australian Champion
Nelsen Australian Passionate, Cloud, Champion
Neville Australian From the New Village, New Town
Nihal Australian Gratified, Delighted, Happy
Nikki Australian The victory of the People
Norman Australian Surname, Northerner
Norval Australian From the Northern Town
Noton Australian The Wind
Nuka Australian My Younger Brother 
Nygel Australian Dark night
Nyles Australian Champion
Nedra Australian Below the Earth
Neiman Australian Newcomer
Nethel Australian Gift
 Nijo Australian World Rider
 Nixen Australian Son of Nick

Greek Boy Names that Start with N

Greek boy names that start with N are on the last list hope you enjoy this also.

greek boy names that start with n
Greek boy names that start with n
NarcisGreekSleep; Numbness
Narcisse Greek Daffodil.
Narcyz Greek Sleep; Torpor; Numb
Narkis Greek Daffodil.
Neandro Greek Young and Manly
Neleus Greek Son of Poseidon
Nemos Greek From the Glen
Nereus Greek A Lamp
Nereo Greek The Captain at Sea
Nerio Greek Sea Traveller; Water
Nestor Greek Wisdom, Voyager, Traveller Wisdom
Niceas Greek One who is of the Great Victory
Nicoll Greek People’s Victory
Nikitas Greek Victory
Niklos Greek Victorious
Niles Greek The one who is very much attractive in talking.
Nikula Greek Nikula is a variant of Nikolas and means victory of the people.
Nigul Greek Estonian form of Nicholas. It means victory for the people.
Neculai Greek Romanian form of Nikolaos, meaning the victor of the people.
Nikanor Greek Victorious

Randam Boy names that start with N

  1. Naal
  2. Naalnish
  3. Naaman
  4. Nab
  5. Nabeel
  6. Nabi
  7. Ulmalhamsh
  8. Nabil
  9. Nacham
  10. Nachman
  11. Nachmann
  12. Nachshon
  13. Nachson
  14. Nachton
  15. Nachum
  16. Nadav
  17. Nadeem
  18. Nadeer
  19. Nadeir
  20. Nader
  21. Nadim
  22. Nadir
  23. Nadiv
  24. Naeem
  25. Naegel
  26. Nael
  27. Naftali
  28. Naftalie
  29. Nagarjuna
  30. Nageeb
  31. Nagel
  32. Nageler
  33. Nagelle
  34. Nagib
  35. Nagid
  36. Nagisa
  37. Nagle
  38. Nagler
  39. Naguib
  40. Nahcomence
  41. Naheer
  42. Nahele
  43. Nahiossi
  44. Nahir
  45. Nahom
  46. Nahuatl
  47. Nahuel
  48. Nahum
  49. Naif
  50. Nail
  51. Nailer
  52. Nailor
  53. Naim
  54. Nainoa
  55. Nairi
  56. Nairn
  57. Nairne
  58. Nairobi
  59. Naisbit
  60. Naisbitt
  61. Naiser
  62. Najee
  63. Najeeb
  64. Naji
  65. Najib
  66. Najinca
  67. Najjar
  68. Nakai
  69. Nakoa
  70. Naksh
  71. Nakula
  72. Nalani
  73. Naldo
  74. Nalin
  75. Nally
  76. Nalo
  77. Nalunani
  78. Nam
  79. Naman
  80. Namas
  81. Nameen
  82. Nameer
  83. Namid
  84. Namir
  85. Nana
  86. Nanak
  87. Nandan
  88. Nando
  89. Nanne
  90. Nanni
  91. Nansen
  92. Nantai
  93. Nantres
  94. Naois
  95. Naoki
  96. Naolin
  97. Naomhan
  98. Naoto
  99. Naoya
  100. Nap
  101. Napayshni
  102. Napeu
  103. Napezi
  104. Naphtali
  105. Naphthali
  106. Napier
  107. Napoleon
  108. Napoleone
  109. Napowsa
  110. Narain
  111. Naranbaatar
  112. Narayana
  113. Narcisco
  114. Narciso
  115. Narcisse
  116. Narcissus
  117. Nard
  118. Nardo
  119. Narek
  120. Naren
  121. Naresh
  122. Narkissos
  123. Narses
  124. Naruto
  125. Narvel
  126. Nasareo
  127. Nasarrio
  128. Naseem
  129. Naseer
  130. Naser
  131. Nash
  132. Nasha
  133. Nashoba
  134. Nashua
  135. Nasim
  136. Nasir
  137. Nasli
  138. Nasr
  139. Nasser
  140. Nassir
  141. Nassor
  142. Nastas
  143. Nat
  144. Nata
  145. Natal
  146. Natale
  147. Natalino
  148. Natalio
  149. Nataly
  150. Natan
  151. Natanael
  152. Natania
  153. Nataniel
  154. Nate
  155. Nates
  156. Nathair
  157. Nathan
  158. Nathanael
  159. Nathaneal
  160. Nathanial
  161. Nathaniel
  162. Nathanyal
  163. Nathanyel
  164. Nathen
  165. Nathon
  166. Nathrach
  167. Nathraichean
  168. Natine
  169. Natividad
  170. Natsu
  171. Natty
  172. Nature
  173. Naughton
  174. Navarre
  175. Navarro
  176. Naveed
  177. Naveen
  178. Navid
  179. Navon
  180. Navy
  181. Nawaf
  182. Nawat
  183. Nawkaw
  184. Nayan
  185. Nayati
  186. Nayef
  187. Naylor
  188. Nazaire
  189. Nazar
  190. Nazareth
  191. Nazario
  192. Nazarius
  193. Nazaro
  194. Nazir
  195. Nazor
  196. Nazzareno
  197. Neakail
  198. Neal
  199. Neale
  200. Neall
  201. Nealle
  202. Nealon
  203. Nealson
  204. Neander
  205. Neason
  206. Nebo
  207. Nebraska
  208. Necalli
  209. Nechemia
  210. Nechemiah
  211. Nechemya
  212. Necho
  213. Nechtan
  214. Nechten
  215. Nechum
  216. Neckarios

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