777 Baby Girl Names That Start with B with Meaning

Choosing a name for a baby girl is often a challenge for us. But we are helping here to choose a proper Baby girl names that start with B alone with meaning. In this article, you will find more than 199+ girl names that start with B.

Hope you are landing right place, If you are looking for girl names that start with B then you will surely find a name of your choice here. So let’s jump to explore the b-girls names and also we added some details like origin and meaning.

Baby Girl Names That Start with B

At first, we listed top girl names which are most popular all over the World. Don’t worry if you don’t like this list, then just scroll down to know more B-girls names alone with meaning.

BrielleHebrewHeroine Of God
BentleyBritishBent Grass Meadow
BaileyBritishBerry Clearing; Bailiff; City Fortification
BryceScottishOf Britain
BlairScottishPlain, Field
BiancaMexicanWhite, Pure
BethanyHebrewHouse Of Figs
BlaiseFrenchLisp, Stutter
BrigidIrishIrish Goddess Of Fire And Poetry
BobieGermanBright Fame
BioncaItalianWhite, Pure
BerenisGreekVictory Bringer
Binsa Indian fearless
Bishti Indian rain

Latin Baby Girl names that Starts with B

Latin names have a good meaning, Most of the names originate from this country, but we have changed them over time. But there are still some good b-girls names.

Latin girl names that start with B
Latin girl names that start with B
BarbaryLatinForeign Woman
Beata Latin One Who Brings Joy
Beaten LatinA form of Beatrix, meaning she who makes happy
Beatricie Latin purveyor of joy
Beatricis Latin she who brings pleasure
Barbary Latin Dutch form of Beatrice
Beatritz Latin An Occitan variant of “Beatrice”
Beatriu Latin Traveler through life
Beautrice Latin She who brings happiness
Bebbe Latin Short form of Beatruce
Beitris Latin a happy and blessed individual
Bella Latin Beautiful, handsome, attractive
Bellatrix Latin Bellatrix is Warlike
Bellerose Latin Bellerose is a neighborhood in Queens
Belleus Latin The beautiful ones
Bellina Latin beautiful, lovely, gracious
Bellona Latin Goddess Of War
Belva Latin Beautiful View
Benecia Latin Blessed
Benita Latin Good Person

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Top Italian Girl names that start with B

We find some unique Italian girl names that start with B hope you will like these. You can read baby potty traning.

Bambina ItalianBloom, Be Successful
Beatrice Italian Wisdom or intellect
Belinda Italian Bright Serpent
Betul Italian The sense of purity, whiteness
Belladonna Italian beautiful woman
Bellarosa Italian A beautiful rose
Beatrice Italian Wisdom or intellect
Berenice Italian Victorious
Betina Italian The sense of purity, whiteness
Bice Italian beautiful woman
Blaca Italian A white and shining woman
Bobine Italian She who is like a bright flame
Berenice Italian Victorious
Brandi Italian A fiery light set up as a warning
Bria Italian One who is from the hill
Brigida Italian A strong, firm, healthy woman
Bobine Italian A brown-haired woman
Byna Italian A name means sabine
Byni Italian A Roman cognomen meaning Sabine
Brigida Italian City Fortification

German Baby girl names start start with B

Some people like the German names, so it is important to see the names of the girls in Germany which start with B.

German girl names that start with B
German girl names that start with B
BellinaGermanIt mean a bold battle
Bellona German Means high spirited and Thoughtful
Balsam German It is a variant of ‘Balsel
Barbetta German A variation of the name Babette
Bathilda German woman warrior
Bathilde German Heroine
Bellona German Bright Serpent
Berdine German Bright Maiden
Berit German A variation of the name Babette
Bathilda German Brave
Bernarda German Feminine of Bernard
Bernie German Derived From Bernard
Berdine German Bright
Berti German A variation of the name Babette
Betia German House of God; Daughter of Jehovah
Bettina German Consecrated To God
Bernie German Oath of God
Bindy German Bright
Bluma German A Flower, Bloom
Betia German A brown-haired woman

Top English Girl names that start with B

BailiEnglishOne who can reach great heights and depths
Bailye English One who has the desire to uplift humanity
Baldehiua English Means to be idealistic, generous and forgiving.
Baldeth English It symbolizes wisdom and knowledge and an analytical mind.
Baliegh English The name means a bailiff or a law enforcer
Barbare English Georgian form of Barbara, meaning the foreign
Barbi English Traveler from a Foreign Land
Baubie English Diminutive of Barbara
Bayle English Beautiful
Baylee English fine looking, attractive
Belisma English River Goddess
Benet English Blessed
Benthe English Diminutive of Barbara
Beocca English A farm house or a farm place
Beonna English She is a strong woman
Berenice English Victorious
Berlin English after the capital city of Germany
Beverlie English derived from a place name meaning “beaver stream”
Bevlyn English Beaver-stream
Bexley English Woodland clearing or Meadow of box trees
BereniceEnglish A variant of Becca, meaning a snare
Bindy English Pretty snake; A Diminutive of Belinda
Beverlie English Little bird
Birewar English Beaver-stream
Birsen English You are Unique
Blayre English Female Version of Blair; Flatland
Blessin English Pretty snake; A Diminutive of Belinda
Blessing English Consecration
Blima English Yiddish name meaning “blossom.”
Blostm English Fresh
Brande English alcoholic beverage
Brantlie English A fiery or burning sword
Breah English Honourable, strong and virtuous
Breann English One who is bold as a raven
Breehan English Fresh
Brenta English A raised land;a hill
Brantlie English One who is from the hill
Briley English One who is like a briar wood
Brisen English A name of an enchantress
Britny English She is from little Britain
Brittany English She was born on the island of Britain
Brantlie English She is a girl of Britain
Brittini English One who comes from Britain
Bryar English A name of an enchantress
Buffy English She is from little Britain

Top Indian Girl names that Start with B

Indian names are now very popular all over the world, the names of girls in this country are good and unique. Let’s see some girl names that Start with B which are meaningful also.

BagyaIndianluck, fortune
Bilpa Indian flower
Binita Indian Modest
Binsa Indian fearless
Bommi Indian a sweet person
Baanvi Indian victory
Bandhavi Indian Friendship, Relationship
Brinda Indian Kind of Princess
Bandita Indian Blessed
Bhuvika Indian Heaven
Baruni Indian Goddess Durga
Bandhavi Indian white
Bharvi Indian Holy plant
Bakula Indian Flower
Barite Indian Girl
Bahula Indian Star
Bhadra Indian Extremely gentle
Bhuvana Indian Earth
Bimala Indian Pure
Binal Indian The Princess

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Top Christianity Girl names that start with B

The names of Christians are different from all other religions and their meanings are extraordinary. So it seems that Christians should be given a list of b girls names, hopefully this list will be very different from all the other lists which will help you to choose a beautiful name.

BalikaChristianityVariant of Palikka, meaning peaceful ruler
BarabalChristianityStranger, foreigner
BarbaChristianityEstonian variant of Barbara, meaning stranger.
BarbelChristianityForeign or strange
BarbettaChristianityA variation of the name Babette
BarbieChristianityDerived From Barbara; traveler from a foreign land
BarbotChristianityA foreigh woman
BarkaChristianityForeign, strange. A form of Barèinka
BarrettChristianityStrength Of A Bear
BasiaChristianityForeign woman
BasilissaChristianityA queen
BathildaChristianitywoman warrior
BeardaChristianityA river bank
BeatriceChristianityForeign woman
BeatrisChristianityVoyager through Life
BeatriuChristianityTraveler through life
BedisaChristianityFated to be here

Top French Girl name that start with B

It is very nice to hear the French name so it is very important to give a list of French girl names that start with B with an interesting meanings.

Babette French stranger,lovely
Badira French Full Moon
Bailee French Law Enforcer, Bailiff
Balee French Cute Child
Basimah French Smiling
Batia French Daughter of God
Bedelia French strength
Belda French Fair Maiden
Belvia French Beautiful
Bennet French Blessed One
Berdine French Glorious and famous maiden
Bernie French As Strong as a Bear
Belda French One who brings victory
Betsy French God is My Oath, Form of Elizabeth
Bianka French White, Shining, Fair, House
Bileigh French Beautiful; Will; Helmet; Desire
Bintou French Hospitable
Bonamea French A Good Friend
Burneta French Referring to the Colour of Brown

Arabic girl names that start with B

Arabia is a rich country, So it takes a high profile to hear the names here, so now you will see some Arabian unique girl names that start with B.

Arabic girl names that start with b
Arabic girl names that start with B
BadahArabicA person who is broad minded
Bernie Arabic She who is smart, creative and innovative
Badiha Arabic Bright
Badriya Arabic One who is like the full Moon
Baghisha Arabic Light rain affecting a small area
Baheela Arabic A beautiful woman
Bernie Arabic Beautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant;
Badiha Arabic Bright
Bahiga Arabic One who is like the full Moon
Bahisa Arabic Seeker, explorer and learner.
Barika Arabic Bloom, Be Successful
Basafa Arabic Pure
Baseera Arabic Bright
Bashnin Arabic Lotus
Batula Arabic Virgin,untainted, immaculate
Bazla Arabic Bloom, Be Successful
Benesh Arabic Wisdom or intellect
Besima Arabic One who is always smiling, and happy
Betul Arabic Ascetic Virgin; Maiden
Bushra Arabic One who bring the happy news

Top American Girl names that start with B

Almost everyone likes American names. So we have collected some American names after much searching.

Barbie American Stranger, Foreigner, Princess
Bayla American Berry Clearing, Bailiff
Beanie American Catlike, Sabine Woman
Becki American Bound
Bency American Right Hand of Jesus Christ
Betsey American God is My Oath
Beverlee American From the beaver meadow
Blain American Little Yellow One, One who Serves
Blaize American One who Stutters
Bency American From Brittany, Great Britain
Brittny American From Brittany, Great Britain
Brodi American Ditch
Bronika American Brave, Honest
Bruni American Brown
Bryna American Defender, Strong
Buffy American God’s Promise; Beaver-stream
Butch American Manly
Byrdene American Little Bird
Bryley American Brown

Top 300 Girl names that start with B

  1. Babette
  2. Babs
  3. Baila
  4. Bailee
  5. Bailee
  6. Baileigh
  7. Baileigh
  8. Bailey
  9. Bailey
  10. Bailey
  11. Baili
  12. Bailie
  13. Bailley
  14. Baillie
  15. Baily
  16. Baleigh
  17. Ballard
  18. Ballinamore
  19. Ballinderry
  20. Bambi
  21. Bambie
  22. Bara
  23. Barb
  24. Barbara
  25. Barbaraa
  26. Barbie
  27. Barbie
  28. Barbra
  29. Basemath
  30. Basha
  31. Bashemath
  32. Basmath
  33. Batsheva
  34. Batya
  35. Baylea
  36. Baylee
  37. Baylee
  38. Bayleigh
  39. Bayleigh
  40. Bayley
  41. Bayley
  42. Bayli
  43. Baylie
  44. Baylor
  45. Beatie
  46. Beatrice
  47. Beatrice
  48. Beatrix
  49. Beatrix
  50. Beatriz
  51. Beau
  52. Becca
  53. Becci
  54. Becka
  55. Beckah
  56. Beckett
  57. Becky
  58. Bee
  59. Bekki
  60. Bel
  61. Belen
  62. Belinda
  63. Belinda
  64. Belita
  65. Bella
  66. Bellamy
  67. Bellarose
  68. Belle
  69. Belle
  70. Bellinda
  71. Belphoebe
  72. Belynda
  73. Bennett
  74. Bentley
  75. Berenice
  76. Berenice
  77. Berkeley
  78. Berkley
  79. Berlin
  80. Berlynn
  81. Bernadette
  82. Bernadette
  83. Bernadine
  84. Berni
  85. Bernice
  86. Bernice
  87. Berniece
  88. Berta
  89. Bertha
  90. Berti
  91. Bertina
  92. Bess
  93. Bessie
  94. Bessy
  95. Bet
  96. Beta
  97. Beth
  98. Bethan
  99. Bethanie
  100. Bethann
  101. Bethanny
  102. Bethany
  103. Bethany
  104. Bethel
  105. Bethesda
  106. Bethney
  107. Betony
  108. Betsy
  109. Betsy
  110. Bette
  111. Bettie
  112. Bettina
  113. Bettsy
  114. Betty
  115. Betty
  116. Bettye
  117. Beulah
  118. Bev
  119. Beverley
  120. Beverly
  121. Beverly
  122. Beverly
  123. Bevin
  124. Bevis
  125. Bexley
  126. Beyonce
  127. Beyonce
  128. Beyoncee
  129. Bianca
  130. Biancca
  131. Biannca
  132. Bijou
  133. Billi
  134. Billie
  135. Billie
  136. Bindy
  137. Binney
  138. Birdie
  139. Birdie
  140. Bithiah
  141. Blair
  142. Blaire
  143. Blake
  144. Blakely
  145. Blakelyn
  146. Blanca
  147. Blanch
  148. Blanda
  149. Blanid
  150. Blayke
  151. Blessing
  152. Blessy
  153. Blessy
  154. Bliss
  155. Blondie
  156. Blossom
  157. Blythe
  158. Blythe
  159. Bobbi
  160. Bobbie
  161. Bonduca
  162. Bonita
  163. Bonita
  164. Bonnie
  165. Bonnie
  166. Bonny
  167. Bowie
  168. Bracha
  169. Bracha
  170. Bracken
  171. Braelyn
  172. Braelynn
  173. Braha
  174. Braidy
  175. Brande
  176. Brandi
  177. Brandie
  178. Brandii
  179. Brandy
  180. Braylee
  181. Brayleigh
  182. Braylin
  183. Braylynn
  184. Bre
  185. Brea
  186. Brea
  187. Breana
  188. Breann
  189. Breanna
  190. Breanna
  191. Breanne
  192. Breda
  193. Bree
  194. Bree
  195. Breea
  196. Breeda
  197. Breeze
  198. Brenda
  199. Brenda
  200. Brenda
  201. Brendaa
  202. Brenley
  203. Brenna
  204. Brenna
  205. Brennda
  206. Breonna
  207. Brexley
  208. Bria
  209. Briana
  210. Brianna
  211. Brianna
  212. Briar
  213. Briar
  214. Bridget
  215. Bridget
  216. Bridgett
  217. Bridgette
  218. Bridgette
  219. Brie
  220. Briella
  221. Briella
  222. Briella
  223. Brielle
  224. Brielle
  225. Brier
  226. Brighton
  227. Brigid
  228. Brigitte
  229. Briley
  230. Brillana
  231. Brilynn
  232. Brinlee
  233. Brinleigh
  234. Brinley
  235. Brinti
  236. Brionna
  237. Briony
  238. Brisa
  239. Brisa
  240. Brissa
  241. Bristol
  242. Bristol
  243. Brita
  244. Britaney
  245. Britani
  246. Britanie
  247. Britanny
  248. Britany
  249. Britin
  250. British
  251. Britnee
  252. Britney
  253. Britney
  254. Britnie
  255. Britny
  256. Britta
  257. Brittanee
  258. Brittaney
  259. Brittani
  260. Brittania
  261. Brittanie
  262. Brittanny
  263. Brittany
  264. Brittany
  265. Britten
  266. Britteny
  267. Brittiany
  268. Brittin
  269. Brittini
  270. Brittiny
  271. Brittnay
  272. Brittnee
  273. Brittney
  274. Brittney
  275. Brittni
  276. Brittnie
  277. Brittny
  278. Brittony
  279. Britttany
  280. Bronwyn
  281. Bronwynn
  282. Brook
  283. Brooke
  284. Brooke
  285. Brookelynn
  286. Brooklyn
  287. Brooklyn
  288. Brooklynn
  289. Bryana
  290. Bryanna
  291. Bryanna
  292. Bryanne
  293. Bryce
  294. Brylee
  295. Bryleigh
  296. Bryn
  297. Brynlee
  298. Brynleigh
  299. Brynley
  300. Brynlie
  301. Brynn
  302. Brynnlee
  303. Brystol
  304. Bryttani
  305. Bryttany
  306. Bryttni
  307. Buffy
  308. Bunny
  309. Burgundy
  310. Buster


Did you get your favorite name? I have given you almost all the names here, Almost everyone likes an uncommon name. So I hope you like these names which Girl names that start with B. I’m sure you won’t find a unique name anywhere else.

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