Unique Baby Girl Names that Start with J with Meaning

Hey! What’s up? are you confused to find unique, good, and meaningful baby girl names that start with J then you land at the right place? Here you explore different Origin and Religion girl names that start with J with meaning.

So sit comfortably and just scroll down don’t need to do anything else. Because after strong research, we have chosen these names list from the thousands of Names. let’s see baby girl names that start with J and more.

Unique Baby Girl Names that Start with J

Here are the most unique baby girl names that start with J alone with meaning. I will ensure you that after reading this article you will get your favorite girl name beginning with the J letter. At first, we listed 50 names that are taken from different Origin, hope you like it.

JeannieCristian Merciful, Similar to Jane
Jeri French Spear Ruler, Ruler with a Spear
JessicaGermanWarrior; Rich; God’s Grace
Joti Indian Light, lamp
Joanne AmericanGod is Gracious, Gift from God
Jolean AmericanYahweh is Gracious, Pretty
JelittaCristian Light; Youthful
Jermaine French From Germany
Josefa German God will add
Joyel Indian God
Jorgelina AmericanFarmer, Variant of Georgina
JustynaAustralianFair; Righteous; Just
Jeslyn French Blessed with Wealth and Beauty
Jeevika Indian Water
Juliet AmericanBorn
JenelleCristian Diminutive Form of Jeanne
Jesse French God Sees
Joselyne German Cheerful
JasmaAustralianJasmine Flower
JevinaCristian Merciful, Similar to Jane
JohannaCristian God is Grace
Jerzi Indian Born
JerzyAustralianFrom the Channel Islands
JenicaCristian White, Female Version of John
Jewel French Precious Stone, A Gem, Plaything
Judy German Praise, Jewish Woman
JeysleeCristian Beautiful Heart
Juveria AmericanYoung Girl
JosilineLatinEstonian form of Julia and means youthfulness.
Jolie French pretty, merry
JiviIndianlife, immortal
JordanaAustralianTo Flow Down, Descend, To Choose
Justi Latin Just; Fair
Jolan French Violet Blossom; Violet Flower
Joceline German Youthful, Downy Bearded
JozieAustralianGod will Increase
Julea Latin Jupiter’s Child; Downy
Joelle French Jehovah is God. Feminine of Joel
JosefaAustralianGod Raises
JissaCristian Child of the God
JerlyCristian Wonderful
Juuli Latin Rejoicing, Joy, Cute, Happiness
Jocelina French Joyous
JuleneAustralianYouth, Young, Down-bearded Youth
JoelleCristian French; Yahweh is God
Jovia Latin Yahweh / God is Gracious
Joana French Merciful; God’s Gift; Female

American Baby Girl Name Begin with J

All over the world, People are want to see what kind of girl names has in America. So let’s take a look at American Baby Girl Names Starting With J with meaning. Where are you from don’t forget to write a comment?

JabreaAmericanPrefix Ja Plus Brea
Jaanika American Victorious
Jacelyn American Initials J and C Combined
Jackeline American Yahweh May Protect
Jacqi American Holder of Heel
Jady American Stone of the Side
Jaena American Supplanter, Jay Bird
Jaime American The Sun, She who Supplants
Jalia American To Grant, Empowering, Noble
Jamika American Yahweh May Protect
Janee American God is Gracious
Janyce American God is Gracious
Jaslene American Combination of Jasmine and Lene
Jaylen American An Invented Name, Bird of Light
Jamika American Fragrant Flower
Jecinta American Beautiful
Jenaya American Trendy and Hip
Jeorjia American Farmer
Jerzi American From One of the Channel Islands
Jessa American God Sees, God Beholds

Indian Baby Girl names that start with J

India is a very popular country now and the names of the people here are very good meaning. So I have chosen some Indian baby girl names that start with J and also those meanings.

Indian girl names that start with j
Indian girl names that start with j
JignaIndianIntellectual curiosity
Jhalak Indian Glimpse or Spark
Jigna Indian intellectual curiosity
Jeel Indian silent lake
Jivi Indian life, immortal
Jenil Indian victorious
Jabeen Indian forehead
Jagrati Indian Pleased by Gods
Jaheel Indian lake
Jailekha Indian Successful girl
Jenil Indian Goddess of victory
Jabeen Indian Name of a raga
Jaladhija Indian Goddess Ganga
Jui Indian a flower
Jaleh Indian Rain
Jyotirmoy Indian lustrous
Juanita Indian God is gracious
Jigya Indian curiosity to know
Jhoomer Indian ornament
Jasum Indian Hibiscus – a type of flower
Javaneh Indian Sprout, Young
Jaasritha Indian Goddess Lakshmi
Jabeen Indian curiosity to know
Jagathi Indian One who is bestowed with speed
Jagruthi Indian Awakening
Jagvi Indian Worldly
Jahanara Indian Queen of the World
Jahnavi Indian Daughter of jhanu, River ganga
Jaimini Indian Lord Indira’s daughter

Korean Girl Names that Start with J with Meaning

I hope you like the Korean name, maybe not. The names here are a little different, but it’s nice to hear that’s why you’re on this list where you know Korean Girl Names that Start with J with Meaning. The names seem to have no meaning but they have enough meaning.

Jang Korean Marmalade
Jigu Korean Earth
Jisoo Korean wise and thoughtful
Jisuk Korean wisdom
Ji won Korean wisdom
Jaedene Korean Glitter
Ji hyun Korean Wisdom
Ji yeon Korean Happiness
Ji yoon Korean Purpose
Jin hee Korean Bright
Jin eun Korean kindness
Joo hee Korean Red
Ji young Korean Brave or courageous and strong
jin yeong Korean Glory
Jung Korean Chaste righteous
Joo Korean Jewel
Jin Korean jewel; truth
Jae Korean Ability
Jeong Korean Quiet

French Baby Girl Names that Start with J with Meaning

French has a lot of girl names that start with J, but it’s really hard to pick a few best names from them to a list, but we did it for you. And also check girl names with B and O with meaning.

Jacinthe French Hyacinth Flower
Jackee French One who Supplants
Jackeline French Yahweh May Protect
Jacki French Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jadora French I Adore
Jaimin French I Love
Jaione French Reference to the Nativity
Jalila French Great; Important; Exalted; Sublime
Jamie French Supplanter, Feminine of James
Janelle French God is Merciful
Janeva French Race of Women, Juniper Tree
Janette French God has been Gracious
Janie French Jehovah has been Gracious
Janvier French Supplanter, Feminine of James
Jarden French To Flow Downward
Jasmeen French Fragrant flower
Jazmine French Fragrant flower
Jemila French Beautiful
Jency French Wave; Smart; Lovable Person
Jennyfer French White Wave
Josee French God will, Feminine of Joseph
Josalynn French Medieval male name adopted as a feminine name.
Joselina French Lord; Little Goths
Josepha French God will add
Jovelle French Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Joya French Rejoicing
Julienne French Downy bearded or youthful
Joselina French Lord; Little Goths
Julya French From a Roman; Possibly Youthful
Justyne French Just

African Black Girl Names that Start with J

The people of Africa are black but their names are beautiful. You can use the names of the people of this country for any black girl that makes sense and also those are girl names that begin with J. It’s a random learn baby potty training easily.

African girl names that start with j
African girl names that start with j
JahiaAfricanOne widely known
Jahmelia African A beautiful African woman
Jahzara African A blessed princess
Jala African Large fish from freshwater
Jamala African One who is well mannered
Jameelah African A chaste woman
Jamelia African Somali name means beautiful
Japera African One who offers thanks
Jariah African A tributary Lord
Jela African during the birth of his child
Jelani African A chaste woman
Jendayi African Thankful; To give thanks
Jenue African The person from the city of Jenue, Nigeria.
Jettie African A tributary Lord
Jira African They have good sense of homour
Jwahir African Jwahir means The Golden Woman
Juza African The meaning of the name Juza is Notify
Jumapili African One who was born on Sunday
Jumapil African Kenyan term, literally meaning Sunday
Julene African They do not bear fake personalities

Christian Best Girl Names Starting with J

The names of the Christians are very good. So we can use the names of the people of this religion if we want. Christian Names for Girls Starting with J with meaning.

JabmenChristianA woman with a big forhead
JacalaChristianOne who likes truth and filled with youth and charm
JacalynChristianShe who is a supplanted
JaceeChristianA flower type, a hyacinth flower
JacelynChristianOne who will be protected by God
JacentaChristianThe name of the Hyacinth flower
JaceyChristianA woman who is a healer
JacintaChristianA woman with hyacinth color eyes
JackleenChristianMay God be her protector
JacelynChristianShe has eyes the color of the Adriatic sea
JakkiChristianShe is the heel grabber
JaklenaChristianTo seaize by the heel
JakobinaChristianMay the Lord watch over her
JackleenChristianName of Goddess Sita
JanaviChristianThe river Ganga
JanelleChristianGod is gracious
JanielChristianAmerican name meaning God is amiable
JannetChristianScottish name for girls
JannyChristianVariant of Jane, means God is good
JanelleChristianA mother
JarimaChristianA girls name
JasikaChristianSlavic name for girls
JasminkaChristianBosnian term for Jasmine.
JayminiChristianA mother
JaynaChristianBringer of victory
JannetChristianAn earth-worker
JeaneChristianGod is full of grace and kind.
JeevaChristianRefers to the experience of being alive.
JenayeChristianThe Answer from the God
JeorjiaChristianA gentle or a soft lady

Latin Baby Girl Names Start With Letter J

Most names originate from Latin countries. Here Peoples Names are very old but when you hear them it still seems new. We have made this list with some such Best Girl Names Start With Letter J.

JeyLatinBlue crested bird
Jille Latin Young Person
Jillesa Latin A varient of name Jill. Young Person
Joye Latin You will surly enjoy their company
Juelina Latin Juelina means Jove’s Child
Julianne Latin Latin – Jupiter’s Child; Downy
Julinka Latin Feminine Form Of Julian; A variant of Julia
Julyana Latin The name means Jove’s Child
Joye Latin You will surly enjoy their company
Justa Latin The name Justa means Fair
Justene Latin Justene name means Just
Justina Latin Justina means Righteous One
Julyana Latin Justine is a female name meaning Righteous
Jusztina Latin You will surly enjoy their company
Juuli Latin Estonian form of Julia and means youthfulness.
Jyl Latin Jyl name means Jove’s (Jupiter’s) Child
Juuli Latin Hyacinth Flower
Joie Latin Rejoicing; Joy
Josefina Latin God Shall Add, The Liberator
Josiline Latin Estonian form of Julia and means youthfulness.

German Baby Girl Names Start With Letter J

Finally, Germany is known to all. Some German unique Girl Names Start With Letter J and also you can see Girl Names Start With Letter O.

Germany girl names that start with j
Germany girl names that start with j
JacintheGermanHyacinth Flower
Jackie German God is Gracious, Supplanter
Jaclyn German Supplanter, To Protect
Jadzia German War; Battle; Contending War
Jakoba German God May Protect
Jakobie German Feminine form of Jakoh.
Jamina German Beautiful; Graceful; Elegant
Janella German God is Gracious
Janett German Merciful, Gracious
Janice German God’s Gracious Gift; Form of Jane
Jelka German Torch; Moon
Jenell German Virgin, God is Gracious
Jeniffer German God is Gracious
Jeralee German Spear Ruler
Jerrie German Mighty Spear-man; Spear Ruler
Jessica German Warrior; Rich; God’s Grace
Jezelle German Pledge
Jeniffer German Merciful; God’s Gift
Joceline German Joyous
Jolanka German Country; Violet Flower


So how did you like this article? You got Baby Girl Names Start With Letter J or not? comment down your best suggestion. I think you will appreciate our research because it’s not made from single-origin and does not randomly type names.

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